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What does an occupational therapist (OT) do?

Occupational therapists assist their patients in learning the skills for the job of living. “Occupation,” is defined as anything a person does to take care of themselves or others (activities of daily living), be productive (work), and engage in leisure pursuits (play/hobbies).

Who would benefit from seeing an occupational therapist?

An OT can help people of all ages with a variety of goals and abilities. They use everyday activities to improve overall function. Here are some examples of OT through the lifespan:

  • OT’s assist newborns & babies

    • Achieve the proper state of alertness for feedings
    • Make proper joint motions
    • Meet developmental milestones.
  • OT’s help school-aged children

    • With fine motor tasks (writing, managing fasteners, feeding themselves)
    • Build strength, coordination, and body awareness
  • OT’s work with adolescents and adults:

    • Providing workstation or home ergonomics
    • Teaching adaptive techniques for completion of self-cares (eating, dressing, driving, cooking, homemaking)
    • Strengthening weak muscles to improve caring for self and others
    • Educating in neurological interventions to improve fluidity and reduce effort for desired occupations.
  • OT’s assist older adults:

    • Improve physical mobility & strength
    • Address cognitive changes
    • Maintain independence

What kind of education does an OT have?

To be a licensed occupational therapist, the OT must obtain a minimum of a Master’s degree of education. OT is an evidence-based and science-driven profession that is focused on improving a patient’s independence in the occupations that are important to them.

Select Therapy’s Occupational Therapist, Sara Carlson, MS, OTR/L, is located at 14884 Kirkwood Drive Baxter, MN 56425. Please contact our Baxter office to schedule; (218) 824-5027.