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We offer gym memberships and Medically Oriented Fitness group classes to help you meet and exceed your fitness and health goals. We all cherish our health. At Select Therapy, our goal is to assist our members regain their health and return to the quality of life they desire.

What is offered?

There are two types of memberships offered.

  • General membership

    • A general orientation will be provided
    • Exercises are set up by physical therapy staff, but completed independently during business hours. Business hours are:
      • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 7:30 am – 4:30 pm
      • Tuesday, Thursday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
    • Start-up cost is $60 for your first 60 days
    • After this, membership is $45/month
  • Medically Oriented Fitness memberships:

    • Small group classes fully led by one of our licensed Physical Therapy staff members
    • Modifications to each activity provided as needed for each individual
    • Cost is $120/month
      • Includes 8 classes and our general gym membership

How long are classes?

  • Scheduled classes are 45 minutes and structured as:

    • A dynamic warm up followed by a 30-40 minute research-based exercise program
    • Exercises are medically oriented to the needs of the group members

What will a class look like?

  • Classes will vary each time and will focus on all aspects of health and fitness
  • Potential problem areas an individual may specify are addressed. These may include:

    • Cardiovascular endurance training, resistance training, functional movement training, balance training, and more!

Who leads the classes?

  • A member of our physical therapy team, licensed in the state of Minnesota.

  • Members benefit from the specialty knowledge of the physical therapy team to:

    • Ensure safety throughout the class/li>
    • Provide specific modifications to each activity if individual limitations are present.
    • Ensure confidence while members exercise and comfort that they will receive a fantastic exercise program specific to their level of fitness.

For more information regarding our gym membership or Medically Oriented Fitness Program, please call our office so we may answer any questions specific to your needs. MOF and gym memberships are offered at our Pine River location.